Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

A High Deductible Plan F Medicare Supplement, also know as a Medigap Plan or Supplemental insurance works exactly like a regular Plan F Medicare Supplement with the exception of a $2,180 annual deductible.

Before the HDF Plan pays, you must first meet the deductible. After that, you are covered 100% for the nine Medicare Supplement Benefits.

High Deductible Plan F Represents Great Value

If you are in good health and rarely see a doctor this could be the best plan for you. With its extremely low premiums and its tendency for low rate increases, you can save significantly compared to other Medigap Plans. However, it’s not for everyone. You are liable for the first $2,180 of covered expenses making it more difficult to budget for. If you can’t afford to pay that much out-of-pocket I recommend considering another plan.

For more details, I recommend reading “The Benefits of High Deductible Plan F

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Florida Medicare Supplements

Florida Medicare Supplement premiums can prove to be a very real challenge to many Florida Medigap Eligibles when shopping for affordable coverage. When comparing Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida, it is critical to compare all of the available options in your area.

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Florida Medicare Supplements

While shopping for Florida Medicare Supplements, you will be faced with a wide variety of options. With over 2.4 million seniors enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and B, companies are eager to do business in the state. Along with the standard plans offered, Florida has other money-saving choices, like Medicare Select and High Deductible Plan F. In this post we will explain all of your coverage options.

High Deductible Plan F

Benefits of High Deductible Plan F

A high deductible Plan F could be your best insurance option. I’ve always discouraged anyone from purchasing a standard Medigap Plan F, but with the high deductible version, my thoughts are entirely different.