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Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates

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There is a wide selection of options when comparing Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates. In this post, I’ll explain these options along with the different variables affecting the price of Medigap Plans in Georgia.

Companies Area Rate in Georgia

Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates can vary drastically from area to area. Most Medigap companies will divide the state into three distinct rating zones. A companies competitiveness will vary from area to area. For example, just because Company XYZ has the lowest rate in Atlanta, doesn’t mean it has the best rate everywhere. Before purchasing a Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plan) be sure to compare all options in your particular zip code.

Gender Rates

Most Medigap companies will gender rate in Georgia. Everything else being equal, men are charged a higher premium than women.

Smoker Non-Smoker Rates

Just like it sounds, rates for smokers are higher than non-smokers.

Georgia Community Rates

Some companies offer community-rated plans in Georgia. With a community-rated plan, everyone will pay the same rate regardless of age. These plans are an excellent option depending on your initial rate. Because companies base the price on a blend of all ages, rates tend to be more competitive the older you are.

Georgia Issue Age Rates

The majority of Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates are issue age. Meaning, your rate is based on your age at the time it is issued. Unlike attained age rates, you will not receive increases annually base on age. Issue age rates will increase due to a companies claim experience, inflation or health care cost.

Compare Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates

Before purchasing a Medigap Plan in Georgia, be sure to compare all of the available companies in your area. Using our rate comparison tool you will get immediate results based on your specific criteria.

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