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Georgia Medigap Plan M

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If you are looking for a Georgia Medigap Plan M, your options are very limited. A Medigap Plan M is an excellent choice when shopping for Medicare Supplements, but only at the right price. When evaluating Medigap Plans in Georgia, there are clearly better health coverage options.

State Mutual Insurance Offers the Lowest Price Medigap Plan M

Medigap Plan M offered by State Mutual Insurance Company has the lowest rates in most areas of Georgia. State Mutual is rated B+ stable by AM Best. Their Plan M is priced with Issue Age rates. With an Issue Age program, you are guaranteed never to have a premium increase due to age.

Transamerica Life Insurance Company has the only other Medigap Plan M offered in the state. On average, the premium is about 20% higher than State Mutual. Transamerica also has Issue Age rates.

Omaha Insurance Company Medigap Plan N is a Better Choice

In most areas of Georgia, you can purchase a Medigap Plan N for about 9% than the lowest Medigap Plan M. Omaha Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha; an A+ Superior rated company is an excellent choice.

Medigap Plan M and Medigap Plan N offer the same 7 of the 9 Medicare Supplement Benefits. The only difference is the associated Cost-Sharing and Copays incorporated into the plans.

See our post “Medigap Plan M vs. Medigap Plan N” for more details.

Omaha Insurance Company Offers an Online Application

Through the Mutual of Omaha website, you can learn about the benefits provided by the different Medicare Supplement Plans, you can quickly get a quote specific to your area, and using the new Mutual of Omaha Online Application you can apply for Medigap Coverage through their website. If you are a Georgia resident, we recommend visiting for more information on their available Medigap Plans.

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