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Omaha Insurance Medigap Plan G in Georgia

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If you are shopping for a Medigap Plan G in Georgia, consider Omaha Insurance Company. As a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, they offer the peace of mind of a strong financial foundation and one of the lowest rates in the state.

Medigap Plan G Offers All the Medicare Supplement Benefits Except One

Medigap Plan G is a sound choice. It covers 8 of the 9 Medicare Supplement Benefits. Once you pay the Medicare Part B Deductible of $166, you are covered 100% for all Medicare eligible charges.

Omaha Insurance Plan G Has Issue Age Rates in Georgia

With issue age pricing you will never have a rate increase due to age. Issue age Medicare Supplements tend to have lower premium increases over time, adding up to substantial savings over the life of your policy.

Omaha Insurance Has a 12% Household Discount in Georgia

If you have lived with someone for the past year, you may qualify for a 12% discount. Even if you don’t qualify, Omaha Insurance Medigap Plan G is still highly competitive. In fact, in most areas of the state, it will be the lowest price plan. In other regions, it will still be within a few dollars.

Even if their rate isn’t the lowest, it will be the newest. The Medigap Plan G rates went into effect March 12th of 2016. Any increases are likely to be further off than the other companies with more mature rates. In Georgia, Omaha Insurance Medigap Plan G is your best coverage option.

Mutual of Omaha Online Application

Mutual of Omaha now offers an online application. The online application can also be used to enroll in an Omaha Insurance Company Medigap Plan. The website is an excellent resource for information on the different Medicare Supplement Plans and quotes.

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