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Medicare Select

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Many seniors could save a significant amount of money by choosing a Medicare Select Plan over a standard Medicare Supplement. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation online, and many Medicare eligibles never consider buying a Select Plan when shopping for Supplemental coverage.

Medicare Select Works Like a Standard Supplement with Only One Difference

With a Medicare Select Plan, if you need to be admitted to a hospital, or if you require inpatient care, you must use a network hospital. Everything else works the same as a standard Medicare Supplement. You still have the same freedom to see any doctor or specialist, and all the B through N plans offer the exact same benefits.

Many Medicare Supplement insurance companies will use the same hospital network. If you are interested in purchasing a Medicare Select Plan, review the hospital network in your state. If you are satisfied with the results, contact Medigap Planners to get a quote of the available companies and rates.

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