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Florida Medicare Supplements

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While shopping for Florida Medicare Supplements, you will be faced with a wide variety of options. With over 2.4 million seniors enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and B, companies are eager to do business in the state. Along with the standard plans offered, Florida has other money-saving choices, like Medicare Select and High Deductible Plan F. In this post we will explain all of your coverage options.

Florida Medicare Select

Florida has the second largest Medicare Select Hospital Network in the country. A good network makes purchasing a Select Plan an excellent option in some areas of the state. With Medicare Select, your plan will pay benefits exactly like a Standard Plan except for hospitalization and inpatient treatment. If you require those services, for non-emergency situations, you must use a Network Hospital. However, like a Standard Plan, you still have the freedom to see any doctor. If you are interested in a Medicare Select Plan, first confirm your preferred hospital is part of the Florida Medicare Select Network.

Competitive Florida Medicare Select Plans

Gerber Life Insurance Company

Florida High Deductible Plan F (HDF)

It’s impossible to predict the future, but if you are in good health and do not see the doctor often, a High Deductible Plan F might be your preferred plan. In Florida, the lowest priced HDF plan is offered by United American Insurance Company. The company is rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best. Contact Medigap Planners for more information about this type of Medigap coverage.

Competitive Florida High Deductible F Plans

United American Insurance Company

Florida Standard Medicare Supplements

Most Florida Medigap Companies divide the state into three distinct rating areas. Depending on your location and which of the A through N Plans you are interested in, your options will vary. At Medigap Planners, we will compare all the available Medigap Companies and plans in your area. This service is free of charge, and there is no obligation.

Competitive Florida Standard Medicare Supplements

UnitedHealthCare Insurance Company (AARP)
Gerber Life Insurance Company
Mutual of Omaha

At Medigap Planners, we represent all of the companies mentioned. By working with us, we will help you understand your coverage options, compare all the rates in your particular area and apply for coverage online or over the phone.

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