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Georgia Medicare Supplements

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With a rapidly growing senior population, Medicare Supplement companies are eager to do business in Georgia. If you are Medicare eligible, this is great news. Georgia has many available options when it comes to Medicare Supplement coverage. Along with the many available companies to choose from, Georgia also has a very comprehensive hospital network, making Medicare Select a viable option in some areas.

Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates can vary drastically by area.

Because of the drastic difference in health care costs between rural and urban areas, most Medicare Supplement companies will break Georgia into three geographic rate zones. Rates can vary as much as 40% between the different areas.  It is imperative to compare all available companies and plans when shopping to take advantage of any pricing discrepancies.

Medigap Planners of Georgia can save you money

Using our free database, you can compare the rates of every available Medigap Plan in your area. Also, by speaking with one of our agents, we’ll alert you to money saving options that are not commonly available in other states. Such as, marital discounts, household discounts and Medicare Select. With our thorough knowledge of the state, we guarantee you will always find your lowest priced coverage option.

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