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Medigap Plan F or Plan C

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If you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement and trying to decide between purchasing a Medigap Plan F or a Medigap Plan C, I can help. In fact, this question is a quick an easy one.

There is only one difference between the two plans.

Medigap Plan F covers the Part B excess charges, Medigap Plan C does not. An excess charge is when a doctor bills above the Medicare-approved amount for services.

These days it is very rare for doctors to charge above Medicare-approved amounts. From an actuarial perspective, insurance companies know their potential risk between the plans is slight. That’s why you will only notice a small price difference between the two programs.

Not sure if your doctor accepts Medicare? Here’s a link to find out.

From the consumer’s perspective, it makes sense to spend a little extra on a Plan F.

Although you will probably never need the extra coverage, it costs you practically nothing to have it.

For more information about the phasing out of Plan F and Plan C in 2020 click here.

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