Original Medicare Patient

Original Medicare Part A and Part B

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Original Medicare was established in 1965. It provides health insurance coverage for most Americans age 65 and older. It is administered by the Federal Government, and it is broken into two parts, Part A, and Part B. Here is information on how to enroll in Original Medicare.

Coverage Under Medicare Part A, Also Known as Hospital Coverage

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Hospital Care

Must be medically necessary.

Skilled Nursing

Must be provided in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) under certain conditions for a limited time.

Nursing Home Care

Care must be given in a skilled nursing facility and must be medically necessary. Most nursing home care is custodial care, and this is NOT covered.


Home Health Services

Care must be certified by a doctor and meet specific criteria.

Coverage Under Medicare Part B, Also Known as Medical Coverage

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There are two types of services covered under Medicare Part B

Medically Necessary Services

Includes supplies and services needed to treat or diagnose your medical condition. These must meet accepted standards of medical practice.

Preventive Services

Covers types of health care administered to prevent illnesses or to detect conditions at an early stage. If you are enrolled in Part B, most preventive services will cost you nothing if your health care provider accepts Medicare assignment.

Medicare Part B Also Covers

Clinical Research

This includes experimental drugs and treatment in certain qualifying clinical research studies

Ambulance Services

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Mental Health



Partial Hospitalization

Second Opinions Before Surgery

Limited Outpatient Prescription Drugs

Covers a limited number of outpatient drugs under limited conditions

Your Medicare Costs

There are deductibles and coinsurance associated with the Original Medicare Part A and Part B benefits listed above. Here is a chart showing your costs for 2016.

Your 2016 Medicare Costs at a Glance

Part A Benefit Chart

If you want specific cost information about your benefits, like claim status, or how much you’ll pay for services, or whether you have met your deductible visit MyMedicare.gov