Copays or Coinsurance

Copays, also known as coinsurance is a popular form of cost sharing associated with insurance plans. Not to be confused with deductibles, which are due prior to benefits being paid. You will find this method of cost sharing in Original Medicare Benefits, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans.

Flat Dollar Copays and Percentage Copays

The amount of the coinsurance is usually expressed as a flat dollar amount or percentage.

Flat Dollar Coinsurance Example

The very popular Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan N has a $20 copay for visits to a doctor’s office. This means, regardless of the billing amount, you would only be liable for $20.

Percentage Coinsurance Example

A percentage copay works by you participating on a percentage basis. If you have a 20% copay and your bill is $100, your insurance would pay $80 and you would pay the remaining 20% or $20.


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Medicare Supplement Vision Coverage

Medicare Supplement vision coverage only applies to exams, procedures, and therapies covered under Original Medicare Part A and Part B. There are no covered benefits beyond what Medicare offers.

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Medigap Plan M vs Medigap Plan N

Medigap Plan M and Medigap Plan N offer a different approach to Medicare Supplement coverage. Both Plan M and Plan N cover the same 7 of 9 Medicare Supplement Benefits, but they do it with additional cost-sharing and copays.

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Medigap Plan N Copays

Let’s discuss Medigap Plan N Copays. The unique feature of having copays on a Medicare Supplement sets Plan N apart from the other standardized plans. At first, it may seem complicated, but when broken down into its two parts, it is really quite simple.

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Medigap Plan G or Medigap Plan N

Congratulations, if you are comparing Medigap Plan G and Medigap Plan N you are on the right track. Both are great Medicare Supplement Plans for a variety of reasons and worth your consideration.

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Medigap Plan F or Plan N?

Medigap Plan F or Plan N, which is right for you? Ever since it was introduced in 2010, the Plan N Medicare Supplement has been a favorite recommendation of mine. Unfortunately, when shopping, most people don’t even consider it. They tend to gravitate towards the more popular Plan F because of it’s seemingly more comprehensive coverage.